Your Memorial

When the funeral is over many people like choose a suitable memorial by which to remember and honour their loved one. The head stone is not simply a stone it becomes a piece of history and will remain for time to come. It is a record of a life that has been lived. Choosing the right stone and the wording which will go on it is very important and we will try to help you make the right choices.

We have a complete ‘in house’ memorial service, from supplying new granite headstones to small stone tablets to commemorate someone who has been cremated, all of which are prepared on our premises and fixed, according to local rules and regulations, by Howard and his team. All the Yorkshire sandstone comes from a local quarry and would be shaped and worked for each individual order by skilled craftsmen.

Our Services Includes

  • Choice of memorial for burial or cremated remains plot.
  • Information regarding individual Churchyards and Cemetery requirements.
  • Lettering and designs cut using the latest in engraving technology.
  • On going maintenance of your memorial
  • Provision of temporary markers if required

Choice of Memorial

From Churchyard memorials which have to comply with the Diocesean regulations to a hand crafted Victorian style memorial, the choice is huge and we can personally talk you through your options. Once you have made a decision you will be sent a copy of the wording and type of memorial chosen for confirmation of the details, following this the relevant documents will be completed and submitted to either the church minister or the local authority for their consent.

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to talk you through the process of choosing your memorial and will happily send you a brochure.

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